The United Nations General Assembly

The UNGA is one of the 6 principal organs of the UN and perhaps the most important since all members have equal representation. Various matters of international pertinence including the very pressing concerns of disarmament, terrorism and security. HNLU-IMUNC will simulate the UNGA to not only mimic the procedural aspects of the committee but also to educate and engage students about matters of contemporary political relevance.

Agenda - Compulsory Disarmament and Destruction of Chemical and Biological WMDs

United Nations Security Council

Some argue that the UNSC is partisan, obsolete and a reflection of past imperial and colonial attitudes. One thing that cannot be denied is that it does have bearing on the current global scenario. By simulating the UNSC, HNLU-IMUNC attempts not only to discuss and deliberate upon contentious matters but also attempts to seek a possible future solution for conflict.




Concern for Human Rights has never been more vital. With domestic surveillance, coercive torture and various other occurrences threatening to erode the basic civil liberties of an individual, it is important for the existence of a body which will act as the designated watch-dog. Similarly, due to chaos and war, the world is also seeing large migration, environmental degradation and a multitude of other concerning matters.



World Trade Organization

The World Trade Organization (WTO) stands as the only global organization has legal and organizational powers on international trade. WTO headquarters is located in Geneva and has been active since 1995. The core of the organization is built up by the WTO agreements which directs the world’s trading system. WTO aims to assist all actors of the International ranging from the producers, exporters and importers. WTO has a multidimensional range of activity, serves as a platform for trade opening, a forum where trade negotiations held by governments. It is an ultimate decision organ on to settlement of the trade disputes and a place where the nations have a chance to solve their trading problems.

Agenda - The role of regional trade in international trading systems


Lok Sabha

The Lok Sabha or the ‘Lower house’ of the Indian parliament is one of the most fascinating political institutions the world has ever seen with its dynamic personalities and engaging politics. Our Lok Sabha is a beacon of democracy and universal suffrage. However, it does not come without its own share of controversies! The council will be an extremely fulfilling simulation of the Lok Sabha with each of the participants assuming the role of elected representatives.

Agenda- Review of Demonetization , Impact and Future Prospects


UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund 
(Committee for Specially Abled Children)

UNICEF is a United Nations (UN) programme headquartered in New York City that provides humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries. For over 70 years, across 190 countries and territories, UNICEF has defended the rights of every child.
UNICEF vision is to build a world where every child can grow up healthy, protected from harm and educated, so they can reach their full potential. Every day they are working to make this vision a reality. UNICEF work has a renewed and intensified focus on equity, which seeks to identify and address the root causes of inequality so that all children – particularly those who face the worst deprivations in society – can realize their rights.

Agenda - Inclusion of children with Disabilities in policy formulation


International Press

The importance of a free press cannot be overstated. Often, a responsible and independent press is termed as the 4th organ of democracy. The International Press Institute which retains consultative status with the UN dedicates itself to the promotion of free press and responsible journalistic practices.


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