The world we know today has undergone a multitude of changes over the centuries in the political, economic and social spheres. The constant clash of ideas acts as a catalyst to propagate such change. Through great analyses and logical explanation, one idea, the penultimate one, emerges victorious. This process ensures that the community makes the right choice and tries to solve all problems. However, we haven’t come across a panacea and hence feel the need to constantly find new solutions to the ever-increasing problems. But can we differentiate our further deliberations from the ones we made before? Can we get closer to finding a panacea? And most importantly, can we, by deliberating with a difference, achieve the ultimate society?

As the Secretary General of this year’s conference, it is indeed my pleasure to welcome you all to the HNLU IMUNC, 2017. It is my responsibility to acknowledge and admire the vision of our Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor Sir under whose astute leadership the idea of organising this IMUNC has been conceived. After an unprecedented success of its maiden edition, which garnered recognition on both national and international platforms, the Secretariat has taken up the challenge of breaking its own record and achieving a greater feat. The Secretariat has demonstrated its commitment to hard work, excellence, innovation and professionalism to ensure that all the delegates have an enthralling three-day Conference. In the beautiful city of Raipur, which has its own appeal, owing to the mesmerizing architecture, hospitable people and unique cuisine, the delegates will reap nothing but a sharper acumen and countless memories.  

On behalf of the IMUNC Secretariat, Committee Officials and Staff, we welcome all MUNers, both veterans and novices to our conference. Join us from the 24th to 26th of February, 2017 at HNLU for a memorable experience of networking, exploring international politics, critical thinking and engaging in diplomatic dialogue.

We, here at IMUNC, want you to venture out of the cocoon of the ordinary and begin to explore the realm of the extraordinary.  Looking forward to a wondrous session.

Yours Sincerely

Varun Sharan Khare

Secretary General HNLU-IMUNC‘17


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