Hidayatullah National Law University goes on the add yet another feather to its cap by committing itself to the cause of education. While academic excellence is certainly a priority for our University, holistic growth and rounded success is the ultimate aim behind our endeavours.
Following our ideal of holistic education, with the motto Dharma Sansthapanartham, the University has embarked on a journey to not only educate young minds with knowledge of the law, but also to enlighten them about international issues and foreign policies, the essentials of a mindful global citizen. While we stress strongly upon the need for innovation and scientific temper, we also seamlessly weave in the values of our tradition and culture.
The world today is filled with strife and chaos and no better is a time to teach our younger generations the importance of diplomacy and peace, two values that the United Nations has always stood for. Since it is my humble belief that there is no better learning than practice itself, it gives me the immense delight to introduce to you all, the 2 nd Edition of HNLU-IMUNC, an academic, procedural and cultural simulation of the United Nations. While debating world issues and raising pertinent points, it is my most sincere hope that the participants and audience will cultivate a greater interest towards diplomacy, debate and peace building.
Last year, IMUNC was a resounding success and I believe that my students are giving it their very best to ensure that this year, delegates and Executive Board members alike, can impart more knowledge, debate with enthusiasm, deliberate and make a difference!
I welcome all participants and wish them my very best hoping that their experience at HNLU IMUNC is fruitful. I also would like to wish all my students involved in the event the heartiest success.


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